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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Top 4 Tips and Things I Learnt from Posting Everyday on Instagram

Hi Babes! How is your day going? Great I hope.
A while ago, I took on a personal challenge and posted everyday on Instagram for about 27 days or thereabout. The results were mind blowing. I was shook y'all. I decided to do a post to share some of the things I found out with you :)

1. There is an untapped amount of traffic waiting for influencers it's crazy.

2. Instagram is a two way road. Once you settle down and figure out the ever changing 
algorithms and get it right your audience will grow without you having to buy followers or likes. This requires A LOT of patience and time however.
My secret has been the Holy Spirit. He keeps teaching me new stuff! Believe it or not, there is actually a skill to instagram. Also, you can also implore the use of strategic use of hashtags, and a CREATIVE MIND. Ask yourself what do I want my Instagram grid to look like? If you aren't sure, google or check out pintrest for instagram theme ideas to inspire you.

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3. You need a serious "non spammy" unfollower application. Why you ask? Well because it's a jungle out there, and some accounts ain't loyal honey. People will follow to unfollow you after 24 hours or less! I use "Followers Assistant" by Andrew Tretiakov. Hahaha I've used this application for so long I feel like a shareholder. It's so genuine, and free too! You can have up to three accounts on it. God bless Andrew for this app. Honeybun you can find it here
You can't even imagine how happy I am with tis application. I discovered it after experiencing some thought provoking events. I hope you find it useful if you don't have one you use. If you have one you use, please share the name with me in the comments.

4. There are exciting thriving communities on instagram! My joy knew no bounds upon discovering the thriving black community. Nothing relates like inclusion, seeing people doing well, achieving feats that were once believed to be farfetched. Melanin poppin, Blackgirlskillingit, blackgirlsrock, blackgirlstravel,and so on... So much inspiration y'all! There are other thriving circles I like to call communities as well who inspire me because I love to learn stuff about other cultures too(in my opinion, these help unite a lot of people). You'd never believe the time I linger around some Indian, Russian, Arab, Asian, and Latino instagram grids just admiring and well learning about places, people, food and other stuff.

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I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

Wishing you a beautiful week filled with success.
All my love,
Lily of Nigeria.

This brand is based on Psalm 45:13.

Friday, 20 October 2017

What to Wear to a Wedding as Summer Ends and the Harmattan Begins

Quote of the Day: While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.- Genesis 8:22.

In some parts of the World autumn/fall is gradually creeping in, and in others (like the one I’m currently in) the rainy season is coming to an end and the Harmattan is slowly annoucing its presence. Now that I think of it, this post should have been rightly titled "what to wear to a wedding this end of summer as the seasons change." I LOVE the Harmattan, it's my favourite season! As a child I hated it; mainly because I had the worst sensitivities during this period' thank God that's all in the past.

How are you coping with the change of season?

While shooting these photos, this dress gave me all sorts of feels. It ended up looking like spread outs for a glossy magazine, all thanks to God for bringing my super photographer friend Kaally my way. This girl gets me y'all.

I feel like a Princess every time I put on this dress. My mom bought it for me when she went to Turkey. I searched for them and tagged them to my post on instagram here so check it out. They have really lovely clothes.

The gown is a floor covering sleeveless wonder. It has a royal blue belt that extends all the way to my calf when knotted into a bow. It has the cutest detailed floral embroidery that reminds me of spring.
The inner linen is very soothing on my skin and isn't itchy. 

The linen is thick enough to cover whatever colour of underwear you put on (yes, I experimented with a couple of colours).

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I ALWAYS wear this gown with super high heels because I don't like giving myself extra work when washing it, after it literally sweeps the ground I tread on.
I feel this gown is great for transitioning weather so you won't die of heat if your environment is warm. I definitely recommend it for an outdoor wedding or event. And, yes you can set the dance floor on fire wearing this gown.

I almost didn't post this picture. But as I finished typing this post it seemed best for a sign out.
This is me wishing you a beautiful weekend.
All my Love,
Lily of Nigeria.

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This brand is based on Psalm 45:13.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Quote of the Day: See ye a man diligent in his work? He shall stand before Kings, he shall not stand before mean men.-Porverbs 22:29.

Hi! My name is not Lily, but I run Lily of Nigeria as the Editor in Chief. This post is long due. I would like you to know that I don't blog to get free stuff. For Christ's sake bloggers are not peasants! By the grace of God, the choice of the Council of Legal Education and Body of Benchers, I am a lawyer and have been called to the bar.

Blogging is a creative outlet to me. I really enjoy sharing and learning stuff. My site is a positive space on the internet where people get honest stuff. Please, as a brand, if I reach out to you, know that I genuinely like you and want to see you succeed. I would have you know that I do not joke with my organic audience, and I will not be a part of any brand campaign I don't trust, or haven't tried out, because let's face it my audience are real human beings. I will feel bad if someone deceived me into purchasing or trying out a product or service that didn't live up to the review or post I saw.

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Lily of Nigeria is a brand that real people can count on and trust. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation, I look forward to working with you. For more, please click here

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Wishing you happiness and peace this new week.
All my love,
Lily of Nigeria.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

An Honest Review the Contents of the Blogger Point Goody Bag || A Review

Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body -Ephesians 4:25.

Hello fruitcake! Come right in, I've got a great post prepared for you today :)
What was your weekend like? Did you have the Monday blues yesterday? Haha see it this way, Friday's just two days away.

This past weekend I got to try out Abuja's most talked about sharwama. Yup, you guessed right, from Chicken Capitol. However, that is not what today's post is about(I know, I'm such a tease *TongueOut*).

In my previous instagram post before yesterday's one I told you I was going to review the contents of my bloggerpoint goody bag here. Before I continue, I want to urge you to read my previous blog post here and 'Like' my Facebook page here. We just passed the 500 benchmark, thank God.

So, the first product I tried was Desire Natural Luxury Facial toner.

My first impressions:
Which one is witch hazel doing here again... Rose water in a Naija product? From where?
Trust your girl, I did a little research on the 3 key ingredients listed on the bottle: Rosewater, witch hazel and tea tree oil.

Have you used any of these products before? Please let me know in the comments.

It helps fight acne, dermatitis and eczema. It's an excellent skin toner and isn't harsh because roses are hypoallergenic. Rosewater is also good for puffy eyes(but in my view cucumbers or Irish potatoes are cheaper! At least in this part of my Africa).
Rosewater has anti-bacterial properties. You might need to know that sides it's antioxidant properties, rosewater is believed to strengthen skin cells, moisturise and regenerate skin tissues.
It also helps to revitalize aging skin and keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay when used regularly.

Witch Hazel
Abeg my African brothers and sisters this has nothing to do with àmųsų aka witchcraft. It is actually a shrub. The native Americans swore by it's usefulness(still do). It is an astringent, an antioxidant and some research has shown it to be anti cancer.
I encourage you to explore this beauty ingredient. I will definitely be buying pure witch hazel for my future bathroom cabinet and first aid kits for myself, family and future hubby(no razor bumps for you my love).
Also, when applied externally, witch hazel is a good natural remedy for psoriasis, eczema, insect bites, poison ivy, and hemorrhoids. It's a good thing this product contains witch hazel.

Tea Tree Oil
I reacted the last time I used a product with tea tree oil. I found it a bit harsh and drying. I guess the essential oil was too concentrated for my skin. Asides that, I love the aroma of tea tree oil.

How I felt about the Toner
1. Nice bottle. Naija people are upping their packaging game. The product comes in a spray bottle. I can definitely see myself using the bottle as a hair spray bottle containing my hair DIY moisture.

2. But why doesn't this come with a complimentary wipe or cotton ball pack.

3. When I sprayed the product on my palm, I thought to myself this smells good.

4. My face didn't react to it. No heat or burning sensations(the reasons I don't ever use any toners or those facial thingys asides my trusty Clearasil wipes, bathing soap, and of course a once in a while DIY facial mask).

5. Note to self: This is not a makeup remover(babes I already did the experiment for you so you don't have to). Apply this AFTER cleaning your face.

6. Side eye: This desire people might have won me over o...

The Scarf
I genuinely love the colour of my scarf. It's not the conventional scarf. The texture is unbelievably soft. And the fact that it has an African print design is wonderful! 

After I removed it from the bag.
I'll be styling it in different ways in a future post here on the blog, so keep your eyes peeled to this site.

The Hair Oil
Packaging is straight to the point. The bottle is pint sized. I definitely see myself carrying this in my handbag. I turned it upside down for a while and it didn't leak so that's a point for them.
How I felt
1. What's in this thing? Why aren't the ingredients listed on the bottle? I'll have to reach out to them after this post so that my first impressions aren't biased.

2. Goodness me! The aroma is good! Please if you have a toddler around you keep this product far away from their reach. The aroma is a cross between bubble gum and sugar candy; within that neighbourhood...
Those of you with baes that love aromas this will set them ablaze, as you'll be a babe with a mission(petite girls with 6f' and above boo boos and vice versa).
I think it's unisex so guys can use it as well (I'll add this to my questions when I reach out to desire).

3. The product is not sticky. It's a light, and can be compared to feel coconut oil on fingers. I loved that when I applied it on my hair it left my hand and didn't linger on.

Mysha Wipes

When I tagged these people to my flatlay they were indifferent. They neither liked it or commented like the others(smh, only God knows if they thought I wanted to get free wipes from them).

The product seems to be filled with a lot of moisture and goodness. I haven't opened it yet. I'm going to do a live review of it on my instagram.

We paid for our tickets and goody bag so we were under no obligation to review our contents. Each persons bag varied "according to their niche."
Some had a lot more than I got, I'm happy with mine. To each her own.
For more details check out my instagram page I tagged all the brand handles to my flatlay.

All my Love,
Current Listen: Holy Ghost Air by TY Bello.

Brand is based on Psalm 45:13.