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Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Quote of the Day: See ye a man diligent in his work? He shall stand before Kings, he shall not stand before mean men.-Porverbs 22:29.

Hi! My name is not Lily, but I run Lily of Nigeria as the Editor in Chief. This post is long due. I would like you to know that I don't blog to get free stuff. For Christ's sake bloggers are not peasants! By the grace of God, the choice of the Council of Legal Education and Body of Benchers, I am a lawyer and have been called to the bar.

Blogging is a creative outlet to me. I really enjoy sharing and learning stuff. My site is a positive space on the internet where people get honest stuff. Please, as a brand, if I reach out to you, know that I genuinely like you and want to see you succeed. I would have you know that I do not joke with my organic audience, and I will not be a part of any brand campaign I don't trust, or haven't tried out, because let's face it my audience are real human beings. I will feel bad if someone deceived me into purchasing or trying out a product or service that didn't live up to the review or post I saw.

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Wishing you happiness and peace this new week.
All my love,
Lily of Nigeria.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

An Honest Review the Contents of the Blogger Point Goody Bag || A Review

Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body -Ephesians 4:25.

Hello fruitcake! Come right in, I've got a great post prepared for you today :)
What was your weekend like? Did you have the Monday blues yesterday? Haha see it this way, Friday's just two days away.

This past weekend I got to try out Abuja's most talked about sharwama. Yup, you guessed right, from Chicken Capitol. However, that is not what today's post is about(I know, I'm such a tease *TongueOut*).

In my previous instagram post before yesterday's one I told you I was going to review the contents of my bloggerpoint goody bag here. Before I continue, I want to urge you to read my previous blog post here and 'Like' my Facebook page here. We just passed the 500 benchmark, thank God.

So, the first product I tried was Desire Natural Luxury Facial toner.

My first impressions:
Which one is witch hazel doing here again... Rose water in a Naija product? From where?
Trust your girl, I did a little research on the 3 key ingredients listed on the bottle: Rosewater, witch hazel and tea tree oil.

Have you used any of these products before? Please let me know in the comments.

It helps fight acne, dermatitis and eczema. It's an excellent skin toner and isn't harsh because roses are hypoallergenic. Rosewater is also good for puffy eyes(but in my view cucumbers or Irish potatoes are cheaper! At least in this part of my Africa).
Rosewater has anti-bacterial properties. You might need to know that sides it's antioxidant properties, rosewater is believed to strengthen skin cells, moisturise and regenerate skin tissues.
It also helps to revitalize aging skin and keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay when used regularly.

Witch Hazel
Abeg my African brothers and sisters this has nothing to do with àmųsų aka witchcraft. It is actually a shrub. The native Americans swore by it's usefulness(still do). It is an astringent, an antioxidant and some research has shown it to be anti cancer.
I encourage you to explore this beauty ingredient. I will definitely be buying pure witch hazel for my future bathroom cabinet and first aid kits for myself, family and future hubby(no razor bumps for you my love).
Also, when applied externally, witch hazel is a good natural remedy for psoriasis, eczema, insect bites, poison ivy, and hemorrhoids. It's a good thing this product contains witch hazel.

Tea Tree Oil
I reacted the last time I used a product with tea tree oil. I found it a bit harsh and drying. I guess the essential oil was too concentrated for my skin. Asides that, I love the aroma of tea tree oil.

How I felt about the Toner
1. Nice bottle. Naija people are upping their packaging game. The product comes in a spray bottle. I can definitely see myself using the bottle as a hair spray bottle containing my hair DIY moisture.

2. But why doesn't this come with a complimentary wipe or cotton ball pack.

3. When I sprayed the product on my palm, I thought to myself this smells good.

4. My face didn't react to it. No heat or burning sensations(the reasons I don't ever use any toners or those facial thingys asides my trusty Clearasil wipes, bathing soap, and of course a once in a while DIY facial mask).

5. Note to self: This is not a makeup remover(babes I already did the experiment for you so you don't have to). Apply this AFTER cleaning your face.

6. Side eye: This desire people might have won me over o...

The Scarf
I genuinely love the colour of my scarf. It's not the conventional scarf. The texture is unbelievably soft. And the fact that it has an African print design is wonderful! 

After I removed it from the bag.
I'll be styling it in different ways in a future post here on the blog, so keep your eyes peeled to this site.

The Hair Oil
Packaging is straight to the point. The bottle is pint sized. I definitely see myself carrying this in my handbag. I turned it upside down for a while and it didn't leak so that's a point for them.
How I felt
1. What's in this thing? Why aren't the ingredients listed on the bottle? I'll have to reach out to them after this post so that my first impressions aren't biased.

2. Goodness me! The aroma is good! Please if you have a toddler around you keep this product far away from their reach. The aroma is a cross between bubble gum and sugar candy; within that neighbourhood...
Those of you with baes that love aromas this will set them ablaze, as you'll be a babe with a mission(petite girls with 6f' and above boo boos and vice versa).
I think it's unisex so guys can use it as well (I'll add this to my questions when I reach out to desire).

3. The product is not sticky. It's a light, and can be compared to feel coconut oil on fingers. I loved that when I applied it on my hair it left my hand and didn't linger on.

Mysha Wipes

When I tagged these people to my flatlay they were indifferent. They neither liked it or commented like the others(smh, only God knows if they thought I wanted to get free wipes from them).

The product seems to be filled with a lot of moisture and goodness. I haven't opened it yet. I'm going to do a live review of it on my instagram.

We paid for our tickets and goody bag so we were under no obligation to review our contents. Each persons bag varied "according to their niche."
Some had a lot more than I got, I'm happy with mine. To each her own.
For more details check out my instagram page I tagged all the brand handles to my flatlay.

All my Love,
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Brand is based on Psalm 45:13.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

How to make Manicure/Nail Polish Last Longer

Hi Loves! Welcome to another blog post of mine this week.
From my analytics, I noticed you like beauty posts... Today, I'll be teaching you a technique I sue in keeping my nail polish on for a longer period of time without chipping.

Whenever the Spirit leads, I get a pro manicure. And if I have something serious ahead like a party or a wedding, I'm deffo getting them done professionally. I might do an acrylic fill which is my now defunct signature French Tips.

In the absence of any of the above mentioned reasons, I like to paint my nails myself.
Usually, I decide on the colour, pattern or theme for the week.
File your nails gently if they aren't in shape. Dust off.
If you have tape, cut a long piece into slender/thing pieces and stick them around your nails to avoid the nail polish giving you extra work after painting.
The next step will be to apply a base coating aka nail hardener aka invisible/clear polish. Allow it to dry a little.
Apply your chosen nail polish colour.
Wait a bit for it to dry a bit.
Then, apply another coat of the invisible/clear polish.
Allow it to dry. If you're in a hurry keep your hand s steady and allow them to dry for 12 minutes then, soak your hands in cold water.

That's today's post guys. How do you make your nail polish dry faster?

Thanks for all the love you continue to show here on the blog and on Facebook and Instagram.

By God's grace, I'll see you in my next post this Thursday :)
Your Friend, Alexandra.


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

How to Care for Relaxed/Texlaxed Hair

Quote of the Day: Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present- Jim Rohn.

Good evening guys! Welcome to my blog :) if you're here for the first time, you might want to read our welcome post here. If you're a seasoned reader thank you so much, I appreciate.
Happy 4th of July to my readers from the United States of America(from my blog  analytics you guys make up close 60% of my traffic so it's only fair I wish you a happy celebration).
I almost forgot I was supposed to post today when I came back from work.
If you've read this post here, It's no news that I use relaxer for my hair. But what you might not know is that I transitioned from thoroughly relaxing my hair to having texlaxed hair. I just apply the relaxer to my new growth and keep a strict time limit on how long the relaxer gets to stay on my hair. To think of it, I should do an update on my hair routine,like his one.

Sometime in April this year, I made up my mind that when my bottle of conditioner finishes, I'd not be replacing it in a long time. Why? You might ask. Well, it's already enough that my hair has to go through the process of being exposed to chemicals(even if it is for 10-15 minutes). Besides, God knows what they put inside those things. It's not just conditioners, any other unnecessary products asides my trusty shampoo which I'm not mentioning here before y'all say I'm doing free advert for them; my Ori aka Shea Butter(which by the way I'm replacing with olive/coconut oil because Ori is a bit too thick for my hair).

I now use only natural products to condition my hair after shampooing. Next week I'll be letting y'all in on three types of natural conditioners you can choose from.
I still keep to my weekly hair routine, and this week I used two eggs to deep condition my hair because I texlaxed last week, and I needed something to replenish the protein in my strands. My hair loved it!

The Process:

I cracked the eggs and poured the contents on my wet hair and left if for 20 minutes while massaging my scalp the whole time, before washing it out with cold water(avoid warm or hot water or else it will cook the egg and you'll end up having the most frustrating day removing semi cooked egg white from your hair).
Then, I dried out my hair and applied Ori to my strands,then left my hair to dry naturally.
And I styled my hair into my favourite bun style as seen in today's pictures.

It was almost sundown, and a race against time taking these pictures and using natural light, because I almost forgot about today's post.

Ps: If you're going to try this at home, please you should be a little careful and check with your nearest stylist, or email me so I'd advice you(there is such a thing as protein overload on hair, you can read that up else where).

Just in case you were wondering, the name of my nail polish is Bedouin Gold by Rimmel. It's my trusty non judgmental colour whenever I don't have French Tips on my fingernails(I've had it for so long, I don't even know if they still make it. For those of you that like it, I searched the internet and sadly couldn't find it, this one here is the closest I could find).

This is not a sponsored post.

By God's grace, I'll see you in my next post on Thursday guys.
I wish you God's peace and favour.
Your friend,

Monday, 27 March 2017

How to Stop Hair Breakage with Simple DIY Steps

Hello Love! How are you doing? A lot has gone down in my life since the last post. I had to tackle a copyright infringement on Instagram, and, generally some other stuff on life. Today I will be showing you a major tip to reduce/stop hair breakage. I give God the glory for the knowledge of this tip. I refuse to take credit for it, seeing that some of my YouTube sisters have been swearing by it for a long time coming now. 

Relax, and enjoy this post. If you are new, I urge you to read our Welcome page,in order to familiarise yourself with stuff that happens on Lily of Nigeria.
So, sometime in January, I went to a beauty store, and purchased a Very popular brand of Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and started applying it to my hair. Ore mi, to tell you that I lost A LOT of hair is an understatement. I shed tears mehn. It was something I kept to myself because I could not start telling people that my being a bit moody was because I was losing a lot of hair. Nigerians will be like, “Ís that why you are sad? O ga o.” I’m sure you can relate. I couldn’t find the culprit. I even started suspecting the water was too hard, and perhaps what happened to my African sister of Di Elle Ci when she moved was what was happening to me too. I stopped using any product whatsoever, and just allowed Ekenedilichukwu(my hair) to breathe. Then, on one of the last days in February, I had the epiphany. I started using the Black Castor oil again and the symptoms started again:

My hair was drying out.
I could practically see the black castor oil hanging on my hair, because, my hair was not absorbing the product.
My hair was changing colour and texture.
Ekenedilichukwu was VERY DIFFICULT to comb,and felt very painful to touch.
I couldn’t style it into anything. It was unbelievable!
Ladies and gentlemen, I put that product aside and used my trusted Mamiya Organics conditioning shampoo(Lonarians are familiar with it because I reviewed it last year here) to deep shampoo my hair and was off the product forever. Over time, after major prayers to God about my hair, it began to come back to normal and has even grown past it’s previous length, talk about Deuteronomy 30:3!

Things to Ask Yourself
What is really going on? And what could be the cause? Negligence? Product weighing down your hair? What is my hair type?(there are three hair types,I can do a post on that if you want me to), or, could it be the water? Could it be massive presence of split ends? Could it be my pillow material?(Please go out and buy satin/raw silk material for pillow cases if you don’t own a satin or silk bonnet).

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What you will Need:

A full cup of Clean Water
2 bags of Pure Green Tea of your choice(not infused with any other thing). I use 2 bags by the way because I deep condition for 30 minutes.
You will need a shower cap.
A spray bottle(if you don’t want to deep condition). You might want to use 1 tea bag then.
A ton of patience. It takes 3 weeks to start seeing results.

To wash off product. This is not a leave in conditioning agent.
What works for everyone might not work for you so this m so this m so this might not work for you(just how Castor oil guardians are probably finding it hard to believe it did not work for someone else). But it’s okay, if it doesn’t work for you, know we don’t judge here. And,they are tons of other things to try out.

Bring the green tea Boil.
Let it cool down to the point of being lukewarm, we don’t want to scald our scalps now, do we?
Comb out your hair.
Dampen your hair with warm water to open up your follicles.
Pour contents(green tea) into a bowl and begin to wet your hair with it. When your hair is thoroughly wet with the tea, use a shower cap(I use two), to cover your hair to avoid the water from soaking your clothes.
Wait for 10-30 minutes, as long as you can. Usually,I carry it for 30 minutes(desperate times call for desperate measures, y’all).
Rinse off the product thoroughly and blast your hair with cold water to close your pores.

That’s it love. By the grace of God, I’ll See you here on the blog in my next post. In the meantime, you can take your time to peruse through my archives.

Biko, Remember to do this ONCE A WEEK,and NOT every day.

Meaning of words:
Biko: Please.
Ore mi: My friend.
Lonarians: Lily of Nigeria(LON) Readers. 

Let's Be Friends :)

This post is based on Proverbs 16:3.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Throw Back Post to my Day with Clinique

Hi Loves! I hope you are having an amazing weekend. Sometime ago, I went to the Nail Studio Victoria Island to pick up some Clinique products, and I eneded up having the time of my life there. Clinique is a high end brand I liked to admire from a distance. It's no secret that their products can be a little bit pricey(I pray one day soon I am able to afford as much Clinique products without batting an eye). However, Clinique products are usually synonymous to quality. 

Kelechi, the makeup artist on duty had a field day checking out new products with me. 
I loved the Black High Impact Mascara (which you can see here)a whole lot! You can check out other Mascara's here 
We got to play around with some concealers, the Clinique Universal Face primer(which until that day I had never tried), and some these lip colours which I selected. I didn't have so much time on my hands that day, so we didn't go through some products. I will definitely be going back to that studio whenever I go back to Lagos.
If you are a girl of colour like me, check out this clinique website that caters to women like us if you live outside Lagos or in South Africa.

Tip: Instead of going to the market to buy fake overly pricey Clinique, you should visit the Nail studio and purchase your products from them. They sell authentic Clinique products at very affordable prices. Nuff said, and back to today's post.

I did my eyebrows myself :) Kelechi tried out my shade of concealer and powder.

 I liked the combination of the Clinique Pop™ Lacquer Lip Colour + Primer in Peace Pop shade with the Sugar/petal pop.

                                             The Masacara I told you guys about earlier.

            To be honest, I wasn't a fan of this second look using the peace pop, and the nude pop shade.

I love this Clinique Pop™ Lacquer Lip Colour + Primer in Sweetheart Pop shade A LOT!

I took pictures of some of the Clinique products they had.

           Summary of some of the products we had fun with.

         More pictures.

You should visit the Nail studio Victoria Island if you are around that axis and need to spoil yourself a little. Say hi to Kelechi for me, tell her Alexandra sent you.

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Post based on Proverbs 16:3. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

My Sleek Makeup (Powder) Review

Hi! Here is the post I promised yesterday on my instagram. So, I recently unboxed my makeup I ordered from Sleek a while ago. I found some the powders I bought a huge disappointment because they were a shade or two too light for me. However, someone advised me to apply, and wait for an hour or two before leaving the house, and the makeup will blend in. Since, the powders are not too light for me. I became a bit discouraged and sad because I was really expectant on the products, and, they seemed like my complexion on screen but different in real life.

 The powder has a nice feel on my face and blends perfectly well with my foundation. I love it, and totally recommend!

This is what it looks like at the back. Excuse my nails. I confess that I don’t rely solely on the puff. I use the puff as a sort of applicator, and use my powder brush to complete my look.

Watch out for my first YouTube video this week! I can't wait for you guys to see it. Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you're not left behind when I upload.

Have you ever been disappointed after ordering makeup and the colour you ordered was not your exact skin tone? How did you deal with it?

Founded on Proverbs 16:3.


Friday, 30 September 2016

I Did my Eye Brows for the First Time! Here's a Quick Everyday Eye Brow Tutorial (for Thick Brows)

Hi Everyone! I'm super excited to share this post with you because it means so much tome. Prior to September 27, 2016, I had NEVER tried doing my eyebrows. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen a preview of this post in the picture I posted the same day I carried out the experiment. 
Even after watching tons of YouTube videos, I had this thing at the back of my mind that, if I carved or trimmed my eye brows, I'd end up looking like a creature of the deep. I know, crazy yeah?! When I was a little girl, I used a razor to secretly(because my mother would beat the hell out of me), trim the edge of my eye brows which pretty much didn't grow back (do not try that at home if you are a child reading this, totally dangerous). 

Well, I woke up with a zeal to learn how to do this eyebrow thing not because I felt pressured to, but because, I jut felt I was ready to give makeup a  go at this point in my life.

Here are the results...

I started by brushing my eyebrow with a spoolie (a specialized eye brow brush very similar to a mascara wand). You can use your dried up mascara wand if you want to, this is what I used for this post(and I intend to continue until I get a good spoolie). 

Then, carefully use a razor to trim the excess hair outside the shape you intend for it.

In the picture below, I haven't done anything to my right eyebrow, can say it's in it's original form after I have partially trimmed it.
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The next step is to draw a thin line with your eye pencil over and under the eye brow, giving them the shape you intend for them to take as seen in this picture(I used these fuchsia pink arrow pointers as a guide for you).

Then, the next step is to start filling in the eyebrow. This stage is quite tricky, you don't want to end up like a wildebeest(that was my main fear after trimming my brows). You might have figured, I love slightly thick eyebrows similar to my natural brows(I didn't trim off much of my brows), and those of Cara Delevegne.
My Discovery: The more you fill, and more pressure you apply to the eye pencil the thicker the outcome.

After filling, you need to brush your eyebrows again, and, put them in the shape you desire, if they have scattered. And, use a thin brush to line a lighter shade of foundation on the top and bottom of the eyebrow. The brush is seen in the first picture of this post, in this instance, I used one of my brow brushes from my Bobbi Brown set and can be purchased here. I used the Sleek Oil Free Creme to Powder two shades lighter than my skin tone for this.

The final look. 
Now, while this might not be the best brows you have ever seen, this is my first attempt, and I am very, much excited :)
What eyebrow tips do you suggest I should incorporate next time?

Before I forget, this is not a sponsored post or an advert. To collaborate with me in the future, check out my contact Page and shoot me an Email.

Your comments mean a lot to me, what do you think of the final look? 
Thank you visiting today, I hope you come back soon. And, please share this post so that others get to see it as well, once again, thank you.


This post is founded on Proverbs 16:3.

Monday, 12 September 2016


QUOTE OF THE DAY: Sometimes, I just look up, smile, and say, "I know that was You God, thanks."-Unknown.

Hi Everyone! It's another beautiful day, I hope you are enjoying yours.
Today I decided to do a hair regimen/routine post here on the blog for you, because I get asked a lot of times what I do to maintain, and, grow my hair. Honestly, I give God all the credit for my hair texture, quality, and, length. I follow a lot of hair bloggers, and continuously do a lot of research.Have you read this post yet?

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At least, once a month(usually on the last Sunday of the Month), I wash my hair with a drying shampoo aka shampoo with sulfate. It helps strips off residue of oil and hair care products I apply. This helps to enable my hair to breathe. I also do this if I feel my hair seems choked up after a full assessment. Think of it as makeup. All the hair care products you apply are like make, and at the end of the day, you clean it off it with a wipe/cleanser to enable your skin breathe.

After washing, I use a conditioner, and leave it for about 30 minutes, and wash it off.
I use an old Tee Shirt to dry out the dripping water from my hair and allow it to dry on its own, naturally. I do not use a hair dryer. I don't even own a tangible one.
Just before my hair dries out completely(but still damp/slightly humid), I apply an essential oil, like Extra Virgin Olive Oil(for my Naija readers, this is aka your anointing oil), or Coconut Oil, or any other oil you may have, like Eucalyptus oil, Argan oil, etc. Then, I allow it to just dry undisturbed. Once dry, I tie up my hair in a satin or silk scarf. By the way Ladies, which side you belong to, the scarf, or the bonnet? Tell me which one, and, why. The most convincing comment has a prize.

Usually, on Wednesday every week, I Co-Wash my hair. For beginners, this simply means washing your hair with a very good conditioner alone, as opposed to a shampoo. If you want me to do a post on how I co-wash my hair comment below.

Once in two weeks, try as much as possible to deep condition my hair, using organic products/produce I find around the house(I'm trying to make it once a week). This is very different from co-washing. I confess that I can be a bit if a scientist sometimes :) Once an idea pops up in my mind, I go straight to google and check out if anyone has done it before, the pros, and, cons of such a product or produce. Then, I head out to my lab, and get mixing. Feel free to ask me about any hair mixtures you've heard about, or are about trying. And, which ones work the best for you? You can also tell me on twitter by tweeting at me @LilyofNigeria 

Also, I moisturise, and seal in the moisture using an essential oil once in two-three days. Most times, I just stick to good ol' shea butter.

Every Sunday, I wash my hair with a non drying, a shampoo without sulfate, or paraben. Every six months, I trim out the tips of my hair. And, every now and then, if I make out time to search out for split ends by myself(it took me years to learn this skill), and trim them out. Please, go to a professional to trim out your split ends for you. DO NOT DO THIS yourself if you have not done this before, also avoid doing this if you do not have sufficient training for this.

The only time I have gone to the salon since April is to relax my hair. And I am very firm with my choices there. The relaxer cannot stay on my hair for more than a certain period. I texturize my hair. I don't allow them apply the relaxer to the tips of my hair, on the roots, and a good part of the strands. I go with my own kit. I don't allow them apply setting lotion to my hair, it turns it brown(Lord knows what they mix in that thing). I use my hair lotion instead of a setting lotion.

The cycle continues from the first step in the routine which is washing with a drying shampoo. You have to create time for your hair, show it love, and attention. And, most importantly, pray for your hair. I know someone who's hair wasn't doing well, at all. She anointed her hair, and talked to her Heavenly Father aka Jesus Christ about it, and, today I kid you not, her hair is shoulder length(it should be more by now, it's been over a year since I saw her).

Seek out a particular routine that will work out for you according to your schedule, and stick to it. You must not table it after mine.

These are some of the products I use:

This is the coconut oil I use. A family friend of mine and his wife makes it from 100% coconut. It's their family business, and has the backing of the government because of how authentic it is! The strong coconut scent hits you once you open it up. [They also make the softest, yummiest coconut bread. I don't even eat bread, my mommy brought this bread back one day and almost put my hatred for bread to shame! I had to gba break(stop) after the fourth piece, a taste will convince you. Shout out to Uncle Chukwuma and his wife! I'm so proud of you.
PS: We use some of the oil from the bigger bottle to make coconut rice.
 I didn't zoom in because you guys might think it's an advert. But it isn't. I will be posting a full picture on my Instagram page. So to see their full details, click here
 This is what the small bottle looks like. I've almost used up mine. It has lasted for about six months.

This Mamiya Organics product, is a two in one conditioner, and, shampoo. It allegedly has black castor oil, and avocado oil. I use to get out any residue from my hair. It leaves my hair silky, and smooth, as opposed to some knock off. It does not change the colour of my hair(I used one shampoo that turned my tips brown a long time ago, never again). I use this product once a month. It's actually my first bottle, and, so far it's great! It's really thick, and has a smooth white texture. If you want to see what it looks like, let me know, I'll show you what it looks like on Snapchat.
I will definitely be sticking to it, until I find something that can surpass it's quality.

 Remember that very expensive Indian Hemp hair cream made of glass, that only posh kids used in High school(boarding house). They are the same ones that make this product. I bought it for N1000 at Balogun Market. Tweet Me for details later. 
Mehn shout out to my High school guys from Beulah, Sammie & co. *InsertWeepingLaughingEmoji* (I'm almost rolling off my bed as I type this). Story time. I know you will kill me, but I love you all. Here's what happened, one night after lights out in the guys hostel, a particular group of boys were still awake, discussing how to grow their hair. And, someone suggested Indian hemp. Now if you went to a Christian school, and had sweet Ete as your Vice Principal, you will know that certain topics were off limits, especially after lights out. Now, what they didn't know was that Mr. Ete was by their window listening, and totally misunderstood them to mean that they wanted to try out Indian Hemp! LOL! Their punishment went down in history!
I will definitely buy this product again because, I enjoyed it. It means what is stated in the description. My hair is moisturised, and healthy. Also, I will be buying their conditioner, and shampoo since it's sulfate, and paraben free, to use as my weekly shampoo, and for co-washing respectively.  Yaay for Kuza.

Just before you finish reading, I joined Snapchat not too long ago, add me up @lilyofnigeria I do some tutorials, and, reviews there as well as, some of my day to day activities.
I have a good feeling I will see you sooner than later in my next post. Keep your eyes glued to this blog :)
Peace, and Love,

This blog is founded on Proverbs 16:3.

French Translation:
CITATION DU JOUR: Parfois, je viens de regarder jusqu'à, sourire, et dire, - Unknown "Je sais que ce que Dieu vous, merci.".

Salut tout le monde! Il est une autre belle journée, je l'espère que vous appréciez le vôtre.
Aujourd'hui, je décidé de faire un régime de cheveux / post-routine ici sur le blog pour vous, parce que je me pose beaucoup de fois ce que je fais pour maintenir et, pousser mes cheveux. Honnêtement, je donne à Dieu tout le crédit pour ma texture des cheveux, de la qualité, et, longueur. Je suis un grand nombre de blogueurs de cheveux, et continuellement faire beaucoup de research.Have vous lisez ce post encore?

Pardon Me, cette photo a été prise dans la soirée, au coucher du soleil. Voilà pourquoi il est un peu sombre.

Au moins, une fois par mois (habituellement le dernier dimanche du mois), je me lave les cheveux avec un shampooing de séchage aka shampooing avec du sulfate. Il aide les bandes les résidus de pétrole et de produits de soins capillaires I sont applicables. Cela aide pour permettre à mes cheveux de respirer. Je fais aussi ce si je sens mes cheveux semble étouffé après une évaluation complète. Pensez-y comme le maquillage. Tous les produits de soins capillaires que vous appliquez sont comme make, et à la fin de la journée, vous nettoyez-le avec un nettoyant essuyez / pour permettre à votre peau respirer.

Après le lavage, j'utiliser un climatiseur, et le laisser pendant environ 30 minutes, et rincez.
J'utilise un vieux T-shirt à sécher l'eau coulait de mes cheveux et laisser sécher sur elle-même, naturellement. Je ne l'utilise un sèche-cheveux. Je ne suis même possède pas un tangible.
Juste avant mes cheveux se dessèche complètement (mais encore humide / légèrement humide), je demande une huile essentielle, comme Extra Virgin Olive Oil (pour mes lecteurs Naija, ceci est aka votre huile d'onction), ou l'huile de coco, ou de toute autre huile que vous peut avoir, comme l'huile d'eucalyptus, huile d'argan, etc. Ensuite, je lui permettre de tranquille juste sec. Une fois sec, je noue mes cheveux dans un satin ou soie foulard. Par la façon dont les femmes, de quel côté vous appartenez, le foulard ou le capot? Dites-moi que l'on, et pourquoi. Le commentaire le plus convaincant a un prix.

Habituellement, le mercredi chaque semaine, je co-laver mes cheveux. Pour les débutants, cela signifie tout simplement se laver les cheveux avec un très bon conditionneur seul, par opposition à un shampooing. Si vous voulez que je fasse un post sur la façon dont je co-laver mes cheveux commentaire ci-dessous.

Une fois en deux semaines, essayez autant que possible de conditionner profondément mes cheveux, en utilisant des produits biologiques / produis, je trouve autour de la maison (je suis en train de le faire une fois par semaine). Ceci est très différent de la co-lavage. Je vous avoue que je peux être un peu si un scientifique parfois :) Une fois qu'une idée surgit dans mon esprit, j'aller directement à Google et vérifier si quelqu'un l'a fait avant, les pros, et les inconvénients d'un tel produit ou de produire . Puis, je me dirige vers mon laboratoire, et d'obtenir le mélange. Ne hésitez pas à me poser des questions sur tous les mélanges de cheveux que vous avez entendu parler, ou êtes à essayer. Et, ceux qui fonctionnent le mieux pour vous? Vous pouvez aussi me dire sur twitter par tweeting me @LilyofNigeria

Aussi, je hydratent et scelle dans l'humidité en utilisant une huile essentielle une fois en deux-trois jours. La plupart du temps, je viens de coller à ce bon vieux beurre de karité.

Every dimanche, je me laver les cheveux avec un non séchage, un shampooing sans sulfate, ou paraben. Tous les six mois, je l'assiette sur les conseils de mes cheveux. Et, chaque maintenant et puis, si je fais des temps de chercher pour la fente se termine par moi-même (il m'a fallu des années pour apprendre cette compétence), et coupez-les. S'il vous plaît, rendez-vous à un professionnel pour couper votre fourchus pour vous. NE PAS faire vous-même si vous ne l'avez pas fait cela avant, aussi éviter de faire cela si vous ne disposez pas d'une formation suffisante pour cela.

La seule fois où je suis allé au salon depuis Avril est de se détendre mes cheveux. Et je suis très ferme avec mes choix là-bas. Le défrisage ne peut pas rester sur mes cheveux pendant plus d'une certaine période. Je texturer mes cheveux. Je ne permets pas les appliquer le défrisant aux conseils de mes cheveux, sur les racines, et une bonne partie des brins. Je vais avec mon propre kit. Je ne permets pas les appliquer la mise en lotion pour les cheveux, il transforme brun (Dieu sait ce qu'ils mélangent dans cette chose). J'utilise mes cheveux lotion au lieu d'une lotion de mise.

Le cycle se poursuit à partir de la première étape de la routine qui est le lavage avec un shampooing de séchage. Vous devez créer le temps pour vos cheveux, montrez l'amour et attention. Et, surtout, priez pour vos cheveux. Je connais quelqu'un qui est les cheveux ne faisait pas bien, pas du tout. Elle oint ses cheveux, et a parlé à son Père céleste alias Jésus-Christ à ce sujet, et, aujourd'hui, je ne plaisante pas, est ses cheveux longueur d'épaule (il devrait être plus maintenant, il a été plus d'un an depuis que je l'ai vu).

Cherchez une routine particulière qui va travailler pour vous en fonction de votre emploi du temps, et de s'y tenir. Vous ne devez pas déposer après le mien.

Ce sont quelques-uns des produits que j'utilise:
Ceci est l'huile de noix de coco que j'utilise. Un ami de la famille de la mine et de sa femme, il est de 100% de noix de coco. Il est leur entreprise familiale, et a le soutien du gouvernement à cause de la façon dont il est authentique! Le parfum de noix de coco forte vous frappe une fois que vous l'ouvrez. [Ils font aussi le plus doux, yummiest pain de noix de coco. Je ne mange même pas de pain, ma maman a apporté ce pain revenir un jour et presque mis ma haine pour le pain à la honte! Je devais pause gba (arrêt) après la quatrième pièce, un goût saura vous convaincre. Shout out à l'oncle Chukwuma et sa femme! Je suis si fier de toi.
PS: Nous utilisons de l'huile à partir de la plus grande bouteille pour faire du riz de noix de coco.

Je ne zoome parce que vous avez peut penser qu'il est une petite annonce. Mais il est pas. Je vais poster une image complète sur ma page Instagram. Donc, pour voir leurs détails, cliquez ici

Ceci est ce que la petite bouteille ressemble. Je l'ai utilisé presque la mienne. Il a duré environ six mois.

Ce produit Mamiya Organics, est un deux en un climatiseur, et, shampoing. Il a prétendument l'huile de ricin noir, et l'huile d'avocat. Je l'utilise pour sortir tout résidu de mes cheveux. Il laisse mes cheveux soyeux et lisse, par opposition à certains knock off. Il ne change pas la couleur de mes cheveux (j'ai utilisé un shampooing qui a transformé mes pointes brunes il y a longtemps, jamais). J'utilise ce produit une fois par mois. Il est en fait ma première bouteille, et, jusqu'à présent, il est super! Il est très épais, et a une texture lisse et blanc. Si vous voulez voir à quoi il ressemble, laissez-moi savoir, je vais vous montrer à quoi il ressemble sur Snapchat.
Je vais certainement être coller à elle, jusqu'à ce que je trouve quelque chose qui peut surpasser sa qualité.

Rappelez-vous que la crème de cheveux chanvre indien très coûteux en verre, que les enfants ne chics utilisés au lycée (pensionnat). Ils sont les mêmes que ceux qui font de ce produit. Je l'ai acheté pour N1000 à Balogun marché. Tweet Me pour plus de détails plus tard.

Mehn crier à mes gars du secondaire de Beulah, Sammie & co. * InsertWeepingLaughingEmoji * (je suis presque rouler sur mon lit que je tape ceci). L'heure du conte. Je sais que vous allez me tuer, mais je vous aime tous. Voici ce qui est arrivé, une nuit après l'extinction des feux dans le gars auberge, un groupe particulier de garçons étaient encore éveillés, discuter comment faire pousser leurs cheveux. Et, quelqu'un a suggéré le chanvre indien. Maintenant, si vous êtes allé à une école chrétienne, et avait sweet Ete comme vice-principal, vous saurez que certains sujets étaient hors limites, surtout après l'extinction des feux. Maintenant, ce qu'ils ne savaient pas que M. Ete était par leur écoute de la fenêtre, et totalement leur mal compris comme signifiant qu'ils voulaient essayer chanvre indien! LOL! Leur punition est entré dans l'histoire!

Je vais certainement acheter à nouveau ce produit parce que, je l'ai apprécié. Cela signifie ce qui est indiqué dans la description. Mes cheveux étaient hydratée, et en bonne santé. Aussi, je vais acheter leur climatiseur et Shamoo depuis sa sulfate et sans paraben, à utiliser comme mon shampooing hebdomadaire, et respectivement co-lavage. Yaay pour Kuza.

Juste avant que vous avez terminé la lecture, je me suis joint Snapchat pas trop longtemps, ajoutez-moi @lilyofnigeria je fais quelques tutoriels, et, avis là aussi bien que, certains de mes activités quotidiennes.
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