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Welcome to Lily of Nigeria. I setup this site initially as an avenue to air out my many thoughts just as I had done without apology at iblogwithgrace
My name is Maria-Alexandra (Alexandra), native name withheld. I am a Lawyer, and I currently live in Nigeria. Only recently did I restructure my pyramid of priorities. I used to be a complete mess.
I feel a certain urge to grow this brand to its true potential. I have rebranded it, and expanded it to cover a whole lot of other things. Lily of Nigeria is more than just a blog. It is a movement. I need people to see the different spectrums of the Nigerian people, as well as my journey to self-discovery. We are more than what a couple bad eggs have branded us as. 

The Travel and Diary Entry is an area where you will most likely find my random thoughts, daily activities, experiences and so on.

Under Lifestyle, you will find recipes (because I love to cook!).
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Please come here everyday to explore the adventure my archives have to offer. The Pictures used are solely mine. Some of which I get from kind Creative commons sites.
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Lily of Nigeria is happy to travel for work,content/collaboration. All my posts are original, and otherwise will be stated as such. 

Other Services:
I do other services for people like Logo Design, I am a Social Media and Online Brand Presnece Specialist. I also collaborate with Amarisa Zobo to market and sell affordable,and Hygienic Zobo Drinks(I have a host of natural flavours I've perfected overtime) to my clients here in Abuja,Nigeria on demand Only. A trial will convince you,hurry and book yours today.

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This blog is founded strongly on Deuteronomy 28:11.