Monday, 27 March 2017

How to Stop Hair Breakage with Simple DIY Steps

Hello Love! How are you doing? A lot has gone down in my life since the last post. I had to tackle a copyright infringement on Instagram, and, generally some other stuff on life. Today I will be showing you a major tip to reduce/stop hair breakage. I give God the glory for the knowledge of this tip. I refuse to take credit for it, seeing that some of my YouTube sisters have been swearing by it for a long time coming now. 

Relax, and enjoy this post. If you are new, I urge you to read our Welcome page,in order to familiarise yourself with stuff that happens on Lily of Nigeria.
So, sometime in January, I went to a beauty store, and purchased a Very popular brand of Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and started applying it to my hair. Ore mi, to tell you that I lost A LOT of hair is an understatement. I shed tears mehn. It was something I kept to myself because I could not start telling people that my being a bit moody was because I was losing a lot of hair. Nigerians will be like, “Ís that why you are sad? O ga o.” I’m sure you can relate. I couldn’t find the culprit. I even started suspecting the water was too hard, and perhaps what happened to my African sister of Di Elle Ci when she moved was what was happening to me too. I stopped using any product whatsoever, and just allowed Ekenedilichukwu(my hair) to breathe. Then, on one of the last days in February, I had the epiphany. I started using the Black Castor oil again and the symptoms started again:

My hair was drying out.
I could practically see the black castor oil hanging on my hair, because, my hair was not absorbing the product.
My hair was changing colour and texture.
Ekenedilichukwu was VERY DIFFICULT to comb,and felt very painful to touch.
I couldn’t style it into anything. It was unbelievable!
Ladies and gentlemen, I put that product aside and used my trusted Mamiya Organics conditioning shampoo(Lonarians are familiar with it because I reviewed it last year here) to deep shampoo my hair and was off the product forever. Over time, after major prayers to God about my hair, it began to come back to normal and has even grown past it’s previous length, talk about Deuteronomy 30:3!

Things to Ask Yourself
What is really going on? And what could be the cause? Negligence? Product weighing down your hair? What is my hair type?(there are three hair types,I can do a post on that if you want me to), or, could it be the water? Could it be massive presence of split ends? Could it be my pillow material?(Please go out and buy satin/raw silk material for pillow cases if you don’t own a satin or silk bonnet).

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What you will Need:

A full cup of Clean Water
2 bags of Pure Green Tea of your choice(not infused with any other thing). I use 2 bags by the way because I deep condition for 30 minutes.
You will need a shower cap.
A spray bottle(if you don’t want to deep condition). You might want to use 1 tea bag then.
A ton of patience. It takes 3 weeks to start seeing results.

To wash off product. This is not a leave in conditioning agent.
What works for everyone might not work for you so this m so this m so this might not work for you(just how Castor oil guardians are probably finding it hard to believe it did not work for someone else). But it’s okay, if it doesn’t work for you, know we don’t judge here. And,they are tons of other things to try out.

Bring the green tea Boil.
Let it cool down to the point of being lukewarm, we don’t want to scald our scalps now, do we?
Comb out your hair.
Dampen your hair with warm water to open up your follicles.
Pour contents(green tea) into a bowl and begin to wet your hair with it. When your hair is thoroughly wet with the tea, use a shower cap(I use two), to cover your hair to avoid the water from soaking your clothes.
Wait for 10-30 minutes, as long as you can. Usually,I carry it for 30 minutes(desperate times call for desperate measures, y’all).
Rinse off the product thoroughly and blast your hair with cold water to close your pores.

That’s it love. By the grace of God, I’ll See you here on the blog in my next post. In the meantime, you can take your time to peruse through my archives.

Biko, Remember to do this ONCE A WEEK,and NOT every day.

Meaning of words:
Biko: Please.
Ore mi: My friend.
Lonarians: Lily of Nigeria(LON) Readers. 

Let's Be Friends :)

This post is based on Proverbs 16:3.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Life Lately: Taking Stock 4

Hello my Loves! I've missed you so much. I stopped Taking Stock/Diary on a daily basis because,I had a slight anxiety that perhaps I might be giving out too much info and might be crossing the privacy/blogger line. And, majorly because I felt that who in the World will come here everyday to read how you spent your day?
Well, I was wrong, at least that's what my stats on those previous posts state. Thank you for your support even if most of you prefer to come and see what's new here, read, and go without commenting. Just so you know, we have since passed the 25,000 views(and counting) benchmark, and iBlogWithGrace has over 47,000 and counting. All organic views, ha! We are growing y'all. Indeed, God is great!
Special Shout to one you I met the other day, Chimamaka.

Feeling: Like a Million bucks! Today's Word was lit!

Changing: Some things here on the blog.

Went to: The Throne Room today.

Still Marvelling: At how God put me at a strategic place to receive his go ahead, and how he saved my bu** from a hot big pot of Zobo.

Wanting to: Make a difference in the World.

Thinking of: Volunteering for humanitarian causes dear to my heart.

Wishing: The Attendance at Tomorrow's CDS will be hassle free.

Currently Reading: The Blessing of the LORD by Kenneth Copeland.

Needing: An affordable photographer that knows their onions well.

Just Finished: Making Zobo for the week. You can place an order for yours by calling 08156331088.

Cut down on: My long strolls on Instagram. I use that time for other things(like sleeping/lounging) now.

Started: Skipping again.

Just Ate: Some Lettuce.

Still: Loosing weight! -12 KG and counting, my God is faithful. If you know someone that's still struggling to loose weight tell them to email me.

Learnt to: Appreciate weekends more, since I started working in this town. Last week, I was literally dragged out of my house for a party,reunion I thank God I went for. Guys,if you read this, we need to hang out again.

Wanting: to get to Lagos, and literally stab the new tailor I was introduced to in the eye with a fork. Dude has held my material and money hostage for one month and some days now. He promised 2 weeks! If only I listened to my guts and stuck to my tailor. You will understand my predicament if you have ever encountered a Nigerian no-show Tailor.

Happy: I discovered Castor Oil is not good for my hair. I'll tell you all about it in my next post,and tips for your relaxed hair. So, you better subscribe below in order not to miss out.

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Listening to: To Leave Something Behind by Sean Rowe. To say I love this song is an understatement. If you've watched The Accountant You'd be in the Know. Nope,I'm not giving any spoilers. 

Perfecting: The Art of Snapchat. Let's be friends,add me by searching for  lilyofonigeria

Saying Goodbye to: Thin Tall Tony who was evicted to night from the Big Brother Naija House.

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I hope you have the most fabulous week of your life so far. Thank you for reading,by God's grace, I will see you in my next post.

Peace and Love,

Post is based on Proverbs 16:3.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

My Take on Debonair Pizza Ikoyi: A Review

How are you doing today? What do you think of that new Coca Cola advert that leaves you wondering who's thirstier, the cashier or the young man.

Sometime ago, I stopped by the new Debonair's Pizza shop at Mobil Filing station on Awolowo Road Ikoyi just before Falomo. I was pretty much impressed by it's neatness. And,just in case you were wondering what the interiors look like,I have pictures,yaay :)

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Prior to their launch last year, my friends and I had waited days without end. Until a week or so after the Bar results were released; and by then we had ended our internship programme,so no group pizza :(

The staff there are bubbly fellows and while I wish  Debonair's will place chairs for their waiting customers so they don't keep us(customers) standing like stranded tourists or in your car inhaling the strong odour of petrol/fuel before the order arrives.

At Debonair's they serve wings, drinks, water, a variety of pizza which includes their signature triple decker pizza of course, ice cream that hasn't manifested since they opened their doors the first time,mind you the machine is there alongside promises of it the next time you come.

I honestly enjoyed their customer service a lot, and the pizza was worth the wait. If you live in Ikoyi they deliver,and if it's on Awolowo Road it's free and super fast.
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Have a beautiful week,
Love and Peace,
Your friend Alexandra.
Post based on Proverbs 16:3.

Swahili Translation:
Unaendeleaje leo? Je, unafikiri ya kwamba mwezi Coca Cola tangazo kwamba Majani Wewe Wanashangaa ambaye nai thirstier, cashier AU Kijana.

Wakati Fulani uliopita, Mimi kusimamishwa Rangi Pizza duka Mpya debonair ya swaa cha Filing Juu ya Awolowo Road Ikoyi tu Kabla Falomo. Mimi nilikuwa Hisia pretty much Rangi nai ya unadhifu. Na, tu katika Kesi walikuwa Wanashangaa Nini mambo ya Ndani kuangalia kama, nina picha, yaay :)

Kabla ya kuendelea kusoma, itakuwa Rangi Maana Ya Dunia Na Mimi Kama walipenda Wetu Picha Bonyeza tu HAPA

Kabla ya uzinduzi Yao Mwaka jana, Rafiki Yangu Na Mimi alikuwa akisubiri Siku bila Mwisho. Hadi wiki AU hivyo baada ya matokeo Bar waliachiwa Huru; Rangi to wakati Huo tulikuwa Rangi kumalizika internship Mpango Wetu, hivyo Hakuna pizza Kundi :(
wafanyakazi KUNA Watu bubbly wenzake Rangi wakati Napenda debonair Ya Mapenzi ni Mali VITI Kwa Ajili ya wateja Wao kusubiri hivyo Hawana kushika Sisi (wateja) amesimama Kama watalii ameshikiliwa AU katika Gari Lako inhaling harufu kali ya PETROLI/mafuta Kabla Ili Fika.

Wakati debonair ya Wao kutumika mbawa, vinywaji, maji, Aina ya pizza ambayo nai Pamoja Rangi saini Zao-mara tatu Decker pizza bila shaka, ice cream kwamba hana Wazi tangu walifungua Milango Yao-mara ya Kwanza, Akili Wewe Mashine nai huko Pamoja Rangi Ahadi Yake wakati ujao Wewe Kuja.
Mimi Uaminifu Starehe huduma ya wateja Wao Mengi, Rangi pizza ilikuwa Rangi Thamani ya kusubiri. Kama kuishi katika Ikoyi Wao kutoa, Rangi Kama Ni Juu Awolowo Road nai Juu Rangi super Haraka.

Kuendelea kuwasiliana Rangi to kufuata Yangu Juu ya Instagram Rangi Twitter Sisi baada mara-to-mara-Juu ya mediums Haya ya kijamii.

Na wiki Nzuri,
Upendo Rangi Amani,
Rafiki Yako Alexandra.
Post Msingi Methali 16: 3.



Kai, I was feeling myself in this picture sha. Check out Moha's handwork with my eyebrows in this resting bitch face pic.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Happy New Month: Life Lately 3

Happy New Month Guys! I hope this month brings you nothing but joy and blessings. May the value of the Nigerian Naira increase, and may things get better for all of us, amen.

Here are some of my Goals for March 2017:
  • To do daily Taking Stock Posts, so be sure to stick around, and don't forget to comment.
  • To upload a video on my YouTube Channel once a week(either on Mondays or Fridays).
  • To finish reading a book or topic each week.
  • Take my Hair a bit more seriously without idolising it.
  • Tolerate people and myself(because I judge myself a bit too intense) more.
  • Talk less,do more.
  • Draw closer to God.

Fire: Is what I will call my snapchat today. You have to see for yourself to see what I mean exactly (just in case you are curious, my username is lilyofnigeria.

Irritated: by those disgusting ways people use to wriggle themselves out of situations.

Still Disgusted: by this line “I am testing you.”
 I’m like, “Damn you and your tests! Feeling bad? I was just testing you too.”

Marveling: At how God sorted out an issue that rose its ugly head today. The meek shall inherit the Earth indeed.

Sorry: I did not do Yesterday’s Taking Stock.

Making: Microwave Brownies J hahaha! It was a major failure. I didn’t add egg.

Yesterday: I went for Ash Wednesday Mass at 12Noon. Yes, I’m Catholic.

Finally: bought water and a few goodies.

Currently Reading: The Blessing of the LORD by Kenneth Copeland. 

Using my Side Eyes to Peep: Big Brother Naija.

Seeking Ways: to get through mental exhaustion after a day’s job.

Wondering: how to make my Instagram Account more interactive.

Can't get Enough of: Runtown's Mad Over You. 

 Sending you love and happiness,

This post is based on Proverbs 16:3.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Taking Stock: Life Lately 2

I saw this on someone's blog the other day(I can't place my finger on the link in particular),and thought it would make a good read here on lily of Nigeria. And, just maybe, you'll be moved to share yours with me as well.

Went to: the Ecumenical/National Christian Church today after my NYSC CDS,while cruising from Area 10 to the Central Area with my leggedis-Benz. At first, a King’s Guard refused me entry into the main church. As I was leaving, a kind Police man walked me back,and into the church and told me not to mind the man. You call it luck,I call it favour. At first,I was shocked because prior to this experience,I didn’t know there was ever a church where people were denied entrance to speak with God.
Dug deep: into instagram algorithms and why some people get many likes,and others don’t.

Wondered: if the Dwarves from the Lord of the Rings are really dwarves in real life.

Said a Prayer: for Lord Saruman's Widow in real life(Birgit Krøncke Lee). I hope she’s faring well,God be with her.

So Badly: want to run a Master’s Programme in either King’s College London, or, Queen Mary University London. But, I guess that’s a bit…anyway God can do anything yeah? I’ll have to wait and see.

Still Marvelling: Over the fact that miracles happen everyday,and God repaired my phone for me. Hian,if you haven’t read what happened,hurry and read all about it here.

Thought of: how cute Thorin and the Lord of the Elves are.

Embracing: Alexandra for whom she is.

Ate: the English veggie sauce I made yesterday with white rice. And,I had some oranges..

Drank: the Zobo drink I made the other day.

That's today's post post guys. How is your day going? Tell me all about it,and if you're okay,we could discuss in the comment section below. See you tomorrow in my next post by God's grace. Don't forget to bookmark this blog,and tell all your friends and family about it :)
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Peace and Love,

Sunday, 26 February 2017


Ever drank Zobo from a bottle and as you approached the bottom, you were filled with dread because the bottom was filled with sand? Well you can make your own Zobo. I'll show you how later in this post. For now,here's a bit of a story.
(This is the only picture that wasn't from yesterday's Zobo making. This is from my earlier experiment when I was still perfecting the recipe. Yesterday,I peeled the rind of the orange and cut it into small pieces)

As a child, someone made this drink for me and I ended up being hospitalized. That experience alone scarred my Mom to the point it made her ban the drink in our house. Nobody made it for us, and we were expressly prohibited from drinking Zobo outside the house. Well,everything changed about two years ago when my aunt fearlessly taught me how to make Soya milk and gave the Zobo recipe after that. But, I didn't quite get it,so I turned to Dunni and some other Pros including my aunt for their own recipes until I perfected my own. It will excite you to know that I made bottles Zobo for my mother before coming back to Abuja in January,and she actually drank it. If you are Nigerian, you'll understand that feeling of joy. 

Knowing who I am, you wouldn't be surprised to know that I did a research on Zobo leaves aka dried roselle calyces, in order to justify the drink. The following is what I found out:

Botanically, it is known as the Roselle plant. It is a specie of the Hibiscus plant known as the Hibiscus Sabdariffa. It is known by different names around the World,so it is not limited to Nigeria alone.

Some People use it as a diuretic, and others, as mild laxative. I like to use it as a soothing drink for sunny days instead of indulging in carbonated drinks. In many places like Senegal,people use the fresh leaves to spice up meals like fish and rice.  Our brothers in the Sudan make drinks from the sorrel and in Trinidad and Tobago they make Karkade Tea from the leaves. Goodness me,can you even imagine waking up to that glorious aroma?

You might be happy to know that per 100g of Zobo leaves contains about 49 calories. It is very rich in calcium,magnesium,vitamins A and C. And,some swear that it has anti oxidants,enzyme inhibitors,tartaric acid,maleic acid, and citric acids, and the fact that it eases constipation, bloating,weight loss and high blood  pressure and so on.

1 full big cup of Dried Zobo/Sorrel leaves.
1 medium cup of Crushed Pineapples or thoroughly washed Pineapple back(optional,but a must for me).
2 peeled oranges/lemons with their juices. I prefer to press my juices the manual way myself,can't trust 'nobady', cholera and diarrhea is real y'all.
3 very big Thoroughly peeled ginger which you've already blended
1 tablespoonful of Zobo pepper. But the blended up Ghanaian/Cameroonian pepper in your Kitchen cabinet can serve if you like spicy Zobo which is totally optional.
Any Flavour. I used 1 Pineapple and 1 Cola flavour from all time favourite Jolly Jus.

How to:
The night before you make your Zobo,wash the ginger. In a clean bowl,pour water into it and add the ginger and let them soak till the next day before peeling and blending it. This helps the back come off easily,and gets out all the dust in hidden places

Carefully pick out the dirt from the Zobo leaves. You'd be surprised what you find in the midst of those leaves(I found some sticks,flowers and a bone in mine). 
Wash them in a bowl of water,carefully repeating this method and avoiding the bottom of the water because that's were the sand and dust residue is. Tip: don't bother about the Zobo essence you see as you wash the dust off the leaves.

Add the pineapples, the ginger, the leaves to a big pot,add water (half of the pot) and place on high heat. After 5 minutes,add the flavour. Allow it to brew for 25 minutes on very high heat. Depending on how you like it,you can add more water if you like it watery,or leave it if you like yours thick.

Pour out the items from the pot into a tiny teeth sieve,make sure you place a clean container underneath the sieve. After the drink cools down,pour out the drink into containers,and place them in the fridge. 

Please,there is No need for sugar. Jolly Jus has got you covered.
Enjoy,and Serve as you want to.

The general perception is that if you are pregnant or have low blood pressure you should check with your doctor first before consuming this drink.

Aside: This Foster Clark's was a little bit of a scam as far as i'm concerned. I found Jolly Jus more effective than this expensive thing. I emptied it into the pot and couldn't taste anything,my brothers and sisters it vanished with the wind. I had to quickly add the two small satchets of Jolly Jus (which is N50 for one,while this thing costs N120).

Have a blessed,and fun filled Week,

Currently Listening to: Rumour has It by Adele.

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This blog post is based on Isaiah 60:1-3.

If you are an avid Lonarian(Lily of Nigeria Reader), you'd know by now that I have borderline OCD, and as such my kitchen is clean,and there are no stones or sand in my drinks. My people(I dey hail una o) trust the Smoothies, and Zobo I make for them.

In case you don't know,I sell affordable Zobo(I have a host of natural flavours i've perfected overtime) drinks to a wide range of my clients here in Abuja, on demand Only,a trial will convince you. If you have diabetes,don't worry,we have a bottle for you too love. Each bottle is made to suit a specific client's needs.
Hurry,book yours today.
For more details,please contact or Call +2348156331088.

Ha! I almost forgot,these are the final products.
Much later,I did a pineapple smoothie and mixed it with that half bottle.